• "... All it takes is a few golden threads, a flame, and a jug, and a country is born before our eyes. This is how Uzbekistan unveils itself at the Arab World Institute in Paris: thanks to a partnership with the Uzbek Foundation for the Development of Art and Culture, 300 handicraft treasures from the end of the 19th century are brought out of the small Central Asian country for the first time, evoking the era of the last emirs in an enchanting scenography." Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Emmanuelle Lequeux, Le Monde — At the Arab World Institute in Paris, Uzbekistan and its golden embroidered paths — 2023
  • "... In a breathtaking setting, we discover tunics of brocades, velvet chapans (cloaks), caparison embroidered with gold. ..."

    Connaissance des arts — From the Louvre Museum to the Arab World Institute, two exhibitions reveal the wonders of Uzbekistan in Paris — 2023
  • On the occasion of the exhibition Irving Penn, Masterpieces from the Collection of the MEP, Tom Penn, Director of the Irving Penn Foundation and son of the famous photographer, comments on the particular care taken in the design of the exhibition : https://youtu.be/S-aFYHQjt6I

    Musée des Franciscaines / YouTube — Exposition Irving Penn — 2023
  • https://youtu.be/lmJX7WIPSlo - link to the webinar presented by BGC STUDIO at the Design Expo EU virtual fair

    YouTube — Exhibition Design : Principles and Practice — 2021
  • "... An exhibition, certainly, heterogeneous, since it shows glass in "all its states", but pleasant and didactic thanks to the unfolding of a very fluid scenography, attentive to the fragile transparency of all these works, signed by the agency bGcstudio, that is, Giovanna Comana and Iva Berthon Gajsak. A stunning achievement..."

    Elisabeth Vedrenne, Connaissance des Arts — Verre à vin — 2019
  • "... The scenography alone is worth the detour..."

    Jean-Miche Pignol, Il était une fois le cinéma — Quand Fellini rêvait de Picasso — 2019
  • "... The remarkable and particularly successful scenography deserves to be mentioned as it contributes to highlighting this prestigious heritage of more than 500 pieces gathered in one place for the first time. A masterful design by the bGc studio agency, created in 2009 by Giovanna Comana and Iva Berthon Gajsak, a duo of architects with multidisciplinary skills who are eager to put their know-how at the service of cultural projects..."

    Margaux Steinmyller, Milk magazine — Moderne Maharajah, un mécène des années 30 — 2019
  • Site de la Sociéte du Grand Paris — Rencontre avec Giovanna Comana, la scénographe de la Fabrique du métro — 2018
  • "... the Grand Palais presents in a dazzling scenography, some of the highlights of this collection of immeasurable richness..."

    Agathe Lautréamont, Beaux Arts Magazine — Splendeurs des joyaux de la collection Al Thani, au Grand Palais — 2017
  • "... Immersed in the darkness of the night, under the spectacular effect of a shower of shooting stars, the Grand Palais in Paris radiates the jewels of the golden age of Indian courts: ornaments as extravagant as they are refined, signs of power and protection..."

    Florence Evin, Le Monde — L’âge d’or des Moghols et des maharajahs — 2017
  • "... The exhibition is remarkably staged by bGc studio, which has transformed the immense Salon d'Honneur into a universe worthy of the tales of a thousand and one nights"

    Capucine Juncker, Property of a Lady — Les diamants de la collection Al Thani au Grand Palais — 2017
  • "Immersive! The scenography forces us to get caught up in a maze of colour photographs or to be caught up in an XL slideshow, the artist's latest work, where the urban wanderings of Moryama, from Tokyo to Hong Kong and from Huston to Los Angeles are displayed in black and white. Hypnotic."

    Soline Delos, Elle — Daido Moryama : 3 raisons d’aller voir le maître de la photo nippone — 2016
  • "The very dynamic scenography forces us to enter the urban and theatricalized world made of very large formats with matte and intense colours. Hung as advertising boards on high cement masts, the photos, taken between 2008 and 2015, fascinate by their close-up framing."

    Sophie de Santis, Le Figaro — Daido Moryama, Tokyo magnétique — 2016
  • " 11. PICASSO.MANIA at the Grand Palais, 2015 : Designed by bGc studio, and with curation assistance from Pablo Picasso's granddaughter, the exhibition took a lighthearted tour through the work of Picasso himself, and 74 other contemporary artists inspired by his work. "

    SEGD / Society for Environmental and Graphic Design — The 20 most influental Exhibit Designs this Century — 2016
  • "... This journey through the centuries is carried out with five hundred exceptional and prestigious pieces sublimated by the sumptuous scenography developed by Giovanna Comana and Iva Berthon Gajsak of the bGc studio agency supported by the outstanding lighting design of Philippe Collet of Abraxas Concept..."

    Froggy’s Delight — Baccarat, la légende du cristal — 2014
  • "... Exciting, abundant, imposing and truculent, it also benefits from a majestic scenography designed by Iva Berthon Gajsak and Giovanna Comana, original and excellent, with a didactic aim both in the intrinsic structure of the spaces and in the rhythm created by graphic works drawing cabinets..."

    Froggy’s Delight — Jordaens, la gloire d’Anvers — 2014
  • "... The sobriety of the scenography, realized by the bGc studio office, allows to give a big space to the hanging of the photos, while leaving many openings towards the outside, in order to create a dialogue with the sea and the city... "

    Claudine Nougaret, Traits urbains — Moment marseillais — 2014
  • "... The remarkable and educational scenography with maps, plans, and precise cartels, reveals the greatness of this civilization still unknown in France..."

    Cristina Marino et Florence Evin, Le Monde — Les Etrusques débarquent à Lens — 2013
  • "... In a refined scenography sublimating the know-how of crystal craftsmen, we discover a collection of some 500 historical pieces, from the private collection but also from the greatest museums..."

    Anne-Charlotte de Langhe et Sophie de Santis, Figaroscope — Paris : il est temps de réserver, Baccarat, faste et démesure — 2013
  • "... It is thus 39 alabaster figures forming a procession and counting among the masterpieces of 15th century Burgundian sculpture that are exhibited through a new and bewitching scenography perfectly reflecting the emotion and beauty of each of the statuettes..."

    J.Perrin, Histoire pour tous — Larmes d’albâtre, les pleurants du tombeau de Jean sans Peur — 2013
  • "Light grey walls, an airy hanging and windows open on the ground floor of the Grand Palais, letting the autumn sun caress these paintings, which are truly a cult of light, the bare scenography of the bGc studio agency pays a superb tribute to Edward Hopper..."

    Sabine Gignoux, La Croix — Hopper, l’éclaireur solitaire — 2012
  • "... Today, in a scenography that pays tribute to the architecture and atmosphere of Japanese temples, statues and ofuda are being compared, and this dialogue offers a new perspective on Buddhist iconography in Japan..."

    L’Officiel, Galeries et musées — Ofuda, la collection Bernard Frank — 2011
  • ARCH — Zlatom a ohnom — 2010
  • L'Œil — Retables sculptés, le divin creuset slovaque — 2010
  • "... The exhibition benefits of a sober, refined, but particularly masterful scenography created by the architects Iva Berthon Gajsak and Giovanna Comana. Under the superbly designed lighting designed by Sara Castagné, they have superbly structured the recently renovated frigidarium of the Cluny thermal baths to allow an almost panoramic view of the exhibition, which is articulated around the centrepiece, the crucifix of Kezmarok, while sublimating the often monumental pieces that constitute real heritage treasures for Slovakia..."

    Froggy’s Delight — D’or et de feu – L’art en Slovaquie à la fin du Moyen Age — 2010